At Cloudcockpit, we look for people who will do more than just analysis. And we require more than just good grades. We want to change clients and their business. Your success in this depends more on your talents than on the focus of your degree.

We are seeking for people who have the following characteristics:

Investigating: in our projects many things are unknown. We are looking for people who investigate, are motivated to get clarity, are decisive and creative to be able to come up with a productive solution.
Care and cooperation: we do not only work for our clients but we work and consult with our clients. We need people who care about their work, their career but also care about the client and the client's problem.
Leadership: we need people who can lead teams consisting of both Everywhere consultants and our client's employees. Our people want to lead multicultural, -functional and -national teams. Our leaders can interact on all levels within an organization.
Impact: in the end it all comes down to results. We strive to not only achieve the results as agreed upon at the beginning of of our assignment but to get the best out of it, to commit ourselves to achieve more than expected and agreed.

Do you enjoy a challenge? Do you have a thirst for knowledge and a desire to be one of the best? Then benefit from Cloudcockpit's culture. At Cloudcockpit, we draw on each other’s capacities and experiences, to inspire and motivate one another.

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