Agile Analytics Eco System

Big Data and Cloud are two of the trends that are defining Enterprise Computing and show a lot of potential for a new era of combined applications. The provision of Big Data analytical capabilities using Cloud delivery models could ease adoption for many companies, and in addition to important cost savings, it could simplify the achieving of useful insights that could provide them different kinds of competitive advantage.

Along these lines, the Agile Analytics Eco System represents an approach to an extensible System that can provide cloud-based analytical capabilities over a varied set of industries and use cases. From a functional perspective, the Agile Analytics Eco System covers the ‘end to end’ capabilities of an analytical platform, from data acquisition to end-user visualization, reporting and interaction. Beyond this traditional functionality, it extends the approach with innovative concepts, like Analytical Apps, an Analytical Appstore and new technologies like Hadoop. In addition, the Agile Analytical Eco System supports the needs of the different users that interact with it, including those of the emerging ‘Data Scientist’ role.